Delamere Charitable Trust continues to provide vital support services for Jewish children with Special Educational Needs, albeit in different ways, following the closure of its school in July 2011.

In conjunction with other community organisations, we have set up JSENSE, a major new specialist SEN Support Service Provider in Manchester for Jewish children with learning disablities.

JSENSE is one major project we are supporting, but we are also using the income stream from our modest capital reserves to support Club Tikva and other vital services for Jewish children with Special Educational Needs in Manchester and North West England.

With record low interest rates on our reserves for the foreseeable future, the charity’s income is suffering a shortfall, and we need to raise additional charitable funds to enable us to keep our vital services going for the medium term.  Legacies have proved particularly helpful.

Delamere Charitable Trust is delighted that, thanks to the generosity of a major benefactor, the late Gershon Rothman, we have been able to set aside over £100K as a special fund to pay for major new projects which are going to improve the education of Jewish children in Greater Manchester with special educational needs.

This website will be developed continuously as our new services for Jewish children with special educational needs evolve.  Any enquiries should be sent via our contact form.




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